Best Daily Fantasy Sites Review for 2016

After years of playing, here are the best daily fantasy websites under review for 2016. I am someone who has played at pretty much every site out there and can give you guys the lowdown!

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My Top Picks

I think there’s only two websites that are worth using and that is FanDuel and DraftKings. I use both websites each and every week. So it’s not like I necessarily really have a favorite one between the two.

Both websites are really good. And either one that you choose you’re going to be good with. There are very minor differences between the two websites. In fact, they’re very nitpicky to be completely honest. It really could go the other way around. As in DraftKings could be #1 where as FanDuel #2. it’s really just going to depend upon you. I will outline below why I have

1 – FanDuel

2 – DraftKings

Why These Two Sites Are the Best

They share a lot of the common attributes that I look for in a daily fantasy site. These are the following:

1 – Safety

You will be able to deposit and withdraw your money safely. If you end up winning you’re going to be able to withdraw it. This is critical because you wouldn’t want to deposit your money into a website that you have no chance of ever recovering it.

2 – All Sports Covered

Both sides cover all the major sports.

3 – Easy to Use Websites

Their websites are incredibly easy to navigate. You’re going to jump from’s boards and be able to see how long of your teams are performing very easily.

4 – Good Promotional Codes

Each website has some of the best promos in the business.

5 – Lots of Games

Each site post tons of games and tournaments. You’re knocking a need to worry about whether you’re going to be able to find one. The bigger worry on your mind should be which one should I be joining.

Why FanDuel?

The competition on FanDuel isn’t near as good as DraftKings. If you’re trying to play head to head matches this is where you want to play when you’re first starting out.

Why DraftKings?

I like DraftKings because you are able to wager more money in head-to-head matches. There are also different scoring rules then there are

See the Major Differences Between FanDuel Vs. DraftKings

I have made a page that outlines the differences for FanDuel Vs. DraftKings. Click that link to go and check it out.

Read My Review

Be sure to go ahead and utilize my reviews on this website. I’m going to a lot more detail about each website specifically in these pages. I also have videos take you in depth even more. They’re just extremely helpful pages that my help you along the way.

FanDuel Review – on this page I’m going to going to a lot more detail about what I like and dislike about FanDuel.

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Use a Promo Code

Whichever website that you decide to use there’s one thing for sure and S dad You’re going to want to make sure that you use a promotional code. When using promo code when signing up your going to be able to get additional money to wager with. This is cool because you’re going to be able to wager with the money that they give you as opposed to your own.