Best Football Betting Sites Review for 2016

Here’s my review for the best football betting sites. If you’re looking to gamble on the NFL, you’re gonna want to use these websites. All of them are good and if you choose one of these, you’re gonna be good to go.

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My Top 5

1 – Bovada

Easy deposit/Withdrawal – Quickest Withdrawals – Live Betting

2 – BetOnline

3 – Bookmaker

4 – 5Dimes

5 – TopBet

Why I Like to Use These

Many of these websites have a lot of common characteristics. These are characteristics that I look for when I am trying to find good places to gamble on mind with.

1 – Serve USA

All of the sites above are able to serve the United States. All but one to serve internationally. The only one that doesn’t serve internationally is Bovada – All the other ones do.

2 – Depositing and Withdrawing

As for depositing in withdrawing your going to be able to do so very easily. All of these websites you’re able to use your credit or debit card for deposit. This makes it extremely easy and not stressful at all. If you’re not wanting to use your own card and then you’re going to be able to do peer-to-peer transfer such as western union.

As for withdrawing… Let me just put it this way you’re going to be able to withdraw and be able to do it rather quickly. My top two recommendations can’t do it usually within the same day, but sometimes it could take up to two days if you do the fastest available which is Western Union.

3 – Safety

I like all of these websites above because of safety. I feel safe when im betting football on these websites and what do I mean by save? Well, if you’re not able to withdraw your money that I would consider that unsafe. With these websites I know that the deposit that I make and if I win I’m going to actually be able to withdraw it without having to jump through so many different hoops.

4 – Legit Bonuses

These websites typically have the best bonuses available. If you don’t know what a bonus is, it is used so that you can get money in your pocket for wagering on their site. It’s kind of like a rewards program. A lot of websites are going to match your deposit by a certain amount. What I like those specifically about these bonuses is that they are not out to get you. Some football betting websites will make it so you have to wager a ridiculous amount in in order to withdraw. My biggest Word of advice is to just make sure that you read the terms and conditions prior to signing up for something.