Best Online Poker Sites Review for 2016

This is my best online poker sites review guide for 2016. I’ll show you the top legal places to play poker in the USA, as well as internationally.

Top Picks for USA

1 – Bovada

*Safest for USA players

The site is only for United States players. This makes it much safer option to use then any of the other ones.

*Quickest Withdrawals

Bovada definitely has the quickest withdrawals out of all of the sites. This is the main reason why we like to use them.

*Anonymous Playing

There is no data available on the players on the site. This is good because you can’t get taken advantage of.

*Weaker Players

People on here aren’t pros. You’ll find a lot of just average poker players on here. This is a good thing.

Click here to read my Bovada poker review.

2 – BetOnline

*Same type of reasons as Bovada

3 – Americas Cardroom

4 – 5Dimes

5 – Intertops

Top Picks for Non-USA

1 – 888 Poker

2 – Bet Online

3 – America’s Cardroom

4 – Party Poker

5 – 5Dimes

Utilize My Reviews!

The biggest mistake that I see people making on my website is not utilizing all the reviews that I have available. After the recommendations above you can see that there’s a button that says read review or something like click here to read the review. This will allow you to get a very in-depth look at that specific site that I am talking about.

On this page I really only introduce you to the best online poker sites. I don’t really give specific reasons as to why I like them a lot. In order for you to get these reasons I want you guys to go utilize my reviews so that you can fully understand website in know what exactly what to expect.

Why I Like These Sites Overall

1 – Safety

Overall, these websites are by far the safest. If you’re in the United States especially, you need to make sure that you play on site that services United States. These are very highly reputable poker websites that aren’t going to screw with you.

2 – Quick Withdrawals

For the most part the sites I listed above have quick withdrawals. Meaning you’re gonna be able to get your money quickly and hassle free. Some of these might give you a little hassle and you’ll have to verify your true identity, but it’s not that big of a deal.

3 – Not Ridiculous Competition

Personally I like to use websites that aren’t going to have just super good players on them. So I try to use the websites that offer more than just poker itself. This is why I prefer sites like Bovada and BetOnline.

4 – Good Bonuses

5 – High Reputation

A Word About Bonuses

Some bonuses can be super misleading.

For example, they will say that you get 100% matched deposit, but then will have in the terms that you’re not allowed to withdraw that money until you’ve wagered a certain amount. This could mean that in the FinePrint they say that you have to wager 10x what you deposit in order to withdraw your money.

So please, just make sure that before using bonus that you read about them so you don’t get screwed over by them.

Have a Question?

If you have a question about any of this please be sure to ask me in the comments. I would love to answer any sort of question that you might have.