BetOnline Poker Review: What Are My Thoughts?

This is a BetOnline.AG Poker review. I will be giving you guys my complete thoughts after playing on here. I will answer all of your guy’s questions (hopefully).

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What I Like About BetOnline.AG Poker

1 – Safety

I am from the U.S.A so it’s super important for me to pick a reputable company that isn’t going to lock up my money or some stupid stuff. I feel safe on BetOnline. As in…I don’t think they are going to lock my account or take my money. They never have, so nothing leads me to believe they will in the future.

2 – Easy to Deposit and Withdrawal

Super duper easy to deposit your money. It’s also incredibly easy to withdraw your money. This is vital for me when I am choosing a place to play poker.

3 – Competition Isn’t Ridiculous

The reason why I don’t recommend some of the biggest poker websites are because the majority of people who are just getting into online poker are going to just get their money taken on there. I would much rather play on a website that doesn’t have the absolute ridiculous competition. BetOnline’s competition is pretty weak in my opinion.

4 – Pretty quick withdraw

The withdraw process can take a couple days or up to a couple of weeks depending upon which type of withdraw that you do. You get a free withdraw every single month. But if you are going to withdraw more than that then you’re going to need to pay a fee on that withdraw.

5 – Can Bet On Things Other Than Poker

The last thing I like is that you revealed that on other things besides poker. They also have a sports book as well as a casino. They even have Live dealers. It’s really just an awesome place to “betonline”.

6 – Good Bonuses

No bs bonuses. Just double check what you’re getting yourself into.

What I Dislike About BetOnline.AG Poker

I am really impressed to find things that I don’t like about this website.

1 – Fees

You will have to pay fees when you are withdrawing your money. Although you get one free withdrawal every single month, if you plan on doing more than that and you’re going to have to pay a percentage of how much you’re withdrawing.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. I recommend it because of pretty much all the reasons i listed above. What it really comes down to for me though is safety and competition. I want to make sure t

Overall, I think you will be happy if you play on there.

Also, it’s not like you have to make some crazy commitment to them for the rest of your life.

What Are My Top Poker Sites?

I have BetOnline as the #2 place to play in the USA and the top place to play Internationally. You can check out my reviews for top places to play poker here.