DraftKings Promo Codes 2016

These are the best draftkings promo codes currently available for 2016. I have ensured that these are the ones you want to be using so you can get that extra money in your account!

Top Promos Available




Link to ALL promos = http://draftkings.com/

Using Your Promo Code

It’s really simple to enable the promo all you’re going to need to do entering in when you are signing up or in an area within your account.

Why Use a Promo Codes?

The reason that you want to use one is really simple. You’re going to be rewarded for making a deposit on there as well as wagering a certain amount. You’re just going to be leaving money on the table if you don’t take advantage of one. So if you’re someone who’s going to be playing on their more than a couple of times you hands-down want to use one.

DraftKings Has the Best Welcome Bonuses

If you didn’t know, draft Kings has some of the best welcome bonuses available. I’m really not just saying this either. If you’re to going to compare them to all the welcome bonuses available on other daily fantasy sports sites you’ll find that DraftKings has the most advantegous promos going on at this time. Basically you’re going to be able to get more money to be able to wager with when signing up initially with DraftKings. This is pretty cool 😀

Not Sure About DraftKings? Go Read My Review

I have a super awesome and helpful video that walks you through everything about draft Kings. You can see my DraftKings review, by clicking that link. This is the page where I going to detail about what I like about the website as well as what I dislike and alternately whether not you should use it. Many people of found this page incredibly helpful when deciding if they should use Draft Kings or not.

DraftKings Advantage

Draft Kings has a couple of things going for it which is why it’s one of my top daily fantasy website out there. I really like it because you’re able to wager big in head-to-head matches. This is cool because I really only like to bet big as opposed to betting small. I found that I am able to make more money and sustain a living from bigger bets. The next reason that I like them is because they have a different scoring system then pretty much all the other daily fantasy websites. Specifically in football, I really like that they have points per reception. I am a big PPR guy and am much better at that than I am in non PPR scoring. Be sure that you check out my review above about draft games if you want to learn more about what I like about it.

Helpful Video