FanDuel Review

This is my FanDuel review. I’m going to tell you what I like and what I dislike about the whole site, as well as how you can sign up properly so you don’t miss out on any free monies.

My Video Review

Be sure to watch my video. Details in this video are far superior than what you’re going to find on this page. I really break it down in The video. The videos also a lot more fun to watch. You’re knocking a have to think much about it all you’re going have to do is listen rather than reading.

What I Like

All Sports

You’re be be able to play everything from football to baseball, basketball, and hockey. There’s even a few other ones on there.

Most Popular

This is by hands down the most popular daily fantasy website. This means that there is a lot more tournaments and there’s a lot more one one verse 1 games that you’re able to join.


It is safety deposit money on the website. They also allow you to withdraw. It’s not like it’s a scam and they’re going to take your money or something like that.

Easy Withdrawal

When you are ready to withdraw your wedding it is incredibly easy to do so. All you need to do is verify your identity and then you can get credited or you are able to get a check sent right to your house. Regardless of whatever withdraw that you do, Just know that it is easy and you’re definitely going to be able to get it.

What I Dislike

Some promos suck

You’re going to want to make sure that you read the terms for the promotion that you’re signing up for. There are some people that markets are really poor promotional codes out there despite them sounding very good. You just need to make sure that you read the terms for the ones that you’re looking at. If you use one that is on this website, I sure you that it is one of the top ones out there.

Do I Recommend It?

Yes. is my #1 rated daily fantasy sports website. I basically like it because there’s a lot more tournaments and games to play. Also the other Sports that are as big or able to find a lot more games than you are on any of the other websites.

Get Started With a Promo Code

If you are joining up on fan tools there’s one thing for certain… You’re going to want to use a fanduel promo code. When you use a promo code you’re going to be able to get extra money in order to use on the website. This is cool because it is a sensei like free money and you’re going to be able to Play in more tournaments and games.