Is Bovada Legit?

In today’s post I’ll take a look at the question, “is Bovada legit?” This includes their sportsbook, casino, slot machines, blackjack, and poker room. I know some of you have been curious. So I am just going to give my thoughts on the whole situation.

Is It Legitimate? Or Rigged?

Guys…It’s legit. This is like saying the Bellagio is rigged. That is how high of a standard I hold Bovada.

They are my #1 place to bet and I have played everything you can posisbly play on there.

I have never once thought it was rigged.

What About People Saying It is Rigged

Look..The house is almost always going to win in the end. Some guy recently posted a youtube comment saying how he has a “system to beat roulette”. When he was practicing it worked perfect but then when he went to bet it didn’t work because it was “rigged”…I mean come on man. This is how gambling works. You’re not going to win every single time and you’re going to be on the crap and you’ll be on the crap end of things a decent amount. There is no “system” or anything like that for beating online gambling..Let’s be real guys.

It really just cracks me up when people come in and say that things are rigged. Bovada is legit along with any other major reputable online casino.

They aren’t going to risk their reputation

Bovada has so many returning customers. And the reason being is because they had a good time betting on there. So why were they going to use any other website. What I’m getting at is that Bovada isn’t going to risk their reputation and getting those repeat customers all for just a couple of dollars.

The Odds Are Already in Their Favori

At the end of the day there business. And if you’re gambling and you don’t think the odds are in your favor… You’re crazy. The odds are always in favor of the house. So within the day whatever again that you’re playing statistically speaking the house has a better chance of winning over the long run. This is how they make money. There’s absolutely no need to read something when it’s already in their favor.

Regulated By a Gaming Industry

Bovada is currently regulated which means all their games have to check out and are tested.

Ready to Get Started?

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