Is DraftKings Legit?

In today’s post I’ll answer the question some people are asking, “is DraftKings legit?” As someone who has played on DraftKings, I can let you in on whether or not it’s legitimate.

Video Guide

Sometimes is just a lot nicer to watch a video. In my video I going to a bunch more detail than the text well on this page. So it’s probably worthwhile just watch it so that you can get an understanding of DraftKings in full details!

Is It Legit?

Yes. It is absolutely legit. In the video about light hatch on all the reasons why it is a legitimate website to use. But more or less, it is legit for the following reasons:

1 – Safe

You are going to be able to deposit, as well as withdraw very easily from the site. It’s not like you’re going to deposit onto the website endeavor be able to withdraw your money again. Therefore, it’s not a scam.

2 – You Can Actually Win

The second reason is that you can actually win on there. It’s not like the games don’t actually pay out. The people that you seen the commercials are people who actually won on there. But you have to realize that it’s a lot like playing the lottery. Some of these people just got extremely lucky and have been able to cash in on some of the huge tournaments. So those are real people and real people do actually win every single week. I am someone who is actually won a decent amount on DraftKings. However, I attest all of my winning to actual skill because I am playing head to head matches.

3 – Can’t Be Rigged

The DraftKings system can’t really be rigged. There are two reasons that cannot be rigged. The first one is that the website can’t predict the future about who’s going to do well. So they submitted their own entries they very well could do it extremely poorly. Additionally, throughout the whole tournament that you join you are going to be able to see the teams who are currently in the top for prizes. If certain teams randomly injected to the top of the leaderboard, The real people who aren’t top of the leaderboard woods start to get very upset. And they would hands-down catch on

another reason that they wouldn’t radiate is because they makes so much money off of people joining the tournament that they just pay a percentage of those join fees as the payouts for the winning. So whatever tournament that they host, They are making a lot of money on it.

Should You Use Them?


Ready to Sign Up?

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