Below you’ll find the best bonus codes for 2020. This includes: January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, & December.

The list is below is 100% up to date so feel free to choose the one that fits what you’re looking to do. If there is an issue with the code please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can update the list 🙂

List of Bovada Bonus Codes *Updated*

Casino Welcome Bonus Codes

Once you sign up, you should definitely look to apply the following welcome codes:-

  • BVCBITCOIN150 – If you sign up using BitCoin as your payment source, you can get a 150% match on your first deposit. From this, you can earn up to $1500 with a 25x rollover requirement.
  • NEWWELCOME – The code welcomes you to Bovada in style. From this, you can get a 100% match on your
    first deposit, taking your bonus up to $1000. The code is applicable three times that can take your winnings up to $3000. This also comes with a 25x rollover requirement.

Sportsbook Welcome Bonus Codes

Are you a sportsbook fan? Start your career with Bovada and get the golden chance to avail the following promotions:

  • BVSBITCOIN50 – By betting through BitCoin, you can get a welcome bonus worth $500 with a 50% match on your first deposit.

You can also get an automatic bonus of up to $250 on your first deposit in the sportsbook category with any payment mode.

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Reload Bonus Codes

  • Casino Reload- BCBCASINO – The code comes with a 40x rollover requirement. You can get a 100% re-deposit match that can take your bankroll up to $100.
  • Slots Reload- BCBSLOTS – if you love slots, you will surely love a slot reload code. With a wager requirement of 25x on slots, you can earn up to $150 with a 100% redeposit match.

The Mobile Casino Promotion

Bovada’s mobile platform has also a lot to offer when it comes to rewarding its players. If you bet $250 or more, you can get an instant $10 bonus. The rollover requirement is 20x with other rules apply as well.

POKER Bonus Code

Bovada presents you an opportunity to enjoy your poker rounds with the following bonus code:-

  • POKER – The code comes with a 100% deposit match that can help you earn up to $500. This requires you to sign up first and make a minimum deposit of $20. The maximum bonus limit is $500.

Reward Points

Bovada has a separate reward program that gives out certain points depending on the wagers made. The points appear in your account as long as it is active. There are different levels that you can climb up on to get as much reward points as you can. You can later cash on these points and even use them on your preferred categories such as sportsbook, poker, and casino.

The Red Room

The Red Room is a kind of a VIP Program that is awarded to the most loyal users of Bovada.  Once you get a VIP membership, you get numerous benefits from it. For instance, you will have more payment options with more weekly and daily bonuses and promotions.

Reel-it-in Thursdays

You can benefit from this promotion every Thursday.  You can get a $20 bonus on a bet of $500 or more on all slot machines with a 20x rollover requirement.

Blackjack Weekends

This promotion gives you the opportunity to earn a $10 bonus on every 200 CPs you have earned on blackjacks.  You can get as high as $100 per week with a 20x wagering requirement.

Refer a Friend Bonus

Once a friend of yours signs up and mentions you as the referrer, you can get a 200% match on his/her first deposit. For instance, if he/she deposits $50, you will get $100 as a bonus.

Bovada has emerged as one of the most trustable gambling platforms in the US. It has an excellent reputation for its payment policies and its treatment of its players. If you are looking for the perfect online platform to test your betting skills, Bovada is certainly the best choice.

Below we’ll teach you some more about using a bovada bonus code.

Why Use a Bonus Code at Bovada?

There are quite a few advantages using a bovada bonus code.

For starters, you’ll typically get some extra or ‘free’ money to wager with. When you use a bonus code at Bovada, they are going to match a certain percentage of the deposit.

So for example, if the code is a a 100% match bonus & you deposit $1,000. You’re going to receive $1,000 in additional funds to use.

That’s pretty cool because who doesn’t like some extra money to use.

Second, they have some of the best bonuses available on the internet. If you go and look at all of the other online casinos and sports books around the Internet, you’re going to see that bovada typically has the best bonuses out there. So what I’m getting at, is that if you’re using another website, you’re losing out on the value of the bonuses available at

Third, some of the bonuses available can be used more than once. This is super clutch because now you’re able to go and reuse some of Bovada’s insane bonuses.

Fourth, they consistently come out with new bonuses. That means if you maxed out a certain bonus, then these new ones are going to be readily available for you. A lot of other casinos are not going to offer a consistent flow of bonuses. They are usually going to just have one base bonus, but that is not the case at bovada.

some of the bonuses you can also use more than one

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Why Use Bovada?

Here at BetMeister, I have tested pretty much every single online casino and sports book. And guess what?! Bovada ranks as the #1 online casino for USA.

You can read my full Bovada review here.

I like it the most because you can easily play casino, bet on sports, and hit the poker tables all at one website and with one account. My favorite thing though are the live dealers. The live dealers are amazing because you can play live blackjack or roulette just like you’re at a real casino with real cards and dealers.  It’s sweet.

In terms of depositing and withdrawing, it’s really easy. You can even get your winnings in less than 48 hours nowadays, which is super cool because a few years ago it would take a while.

Bovada is definitely legit & safe. I have been on there since I turned 18 with zero issues. I pretty much play on there because it’s easiest and I get the winnings the fastest.

How Bonus Codes Work

If you’re thinking of using a bovada bonus code, make sure you read the terms and conditions. Almost always there is going to be some wagering requirements on your end. The wagering requirement is known as a rollover. Your rollover will depend upon the bonus you use and it will come in the form of 1-20+x.  It works as a multiplier to what you deposited. So if you deposit $1,000 and the rollover is 10x. You need to wager $10,000 to withdrawal. It might seem like a big amount, but it’s really not if you’re someone who consistently wagers.

Who Should Use a Bonus Code?

Basically, if you’re someone who is going to be wagering a decent amount and aren’t concerned about withdrawing quickly, then you hands down want to use a bonus. If you don’t use a bonus, you’re essentially just leaving money on the table that you could have used to wager.

On the flip side, if you’re someone who is just looking to bet once or twice and withdrawal, then don’t use a bonus code.

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