Best Online Sportsbooks & Sports Betting Sites

These are the best online sportsbook and sports betting websites to use:

My Top Picks for USA Citizens

1 – Bovada

Click here to see my Bovada sportsbook review.

2- Bookmaker

3 – 5 Dimes

4 – BetOnline

5 – TopBet

Top Picks for Non-USA Citizens

My picks pretty much stay the same. However

1 – Bookmaker

2 – 5 Dimes

3 – BetOnline

4 – TopBet

5 – Bet 365

Why These Sites?

1 – Safety

2 – Easy to deposit and withdrawal

3 – Live Betting

4 – Good Customer Support

Choosing a Sportsbook

Guys..Don’t over complicate this! If you’re in the United States you probably want to go with Bovada. The site ONLY services USA citizens and it’s probably your safest option by far. It’s safe because you’ll be able to deposit with your debit or credit card. You also won’t have your money locked up. You also will not have to go through a bunch of hoops and jumps in order to get our money as you do with a lot of other online sportsbooks

Another reason is that the withdrawing your money is a lot faster than many of the other sites. I recently asked my friend why he likes Bovada and his one answer was, quick payments.

If you’re outside the USA, you can use any of those books and you’re gonna have a good time. It is way less restricting if you’re not in the USA. So lucky you guys!

Depositing Money

Sometimes depositing money can be difficult. However, if you’re using one of the sites that are recommended above you should be able to deposit with just your debit or credit card. If you’re going to be betting a lot, I suggest going with PEER 2 PEER money transfer such as Western Union in order to deposit your money. If you’re only going to be betting a couple hundred dollars then you can just use your debit or credit card and you’re going to be okay.

Bonus Codes?

I’m going to suggest signing up for a bonus code if you think that you’re going to be a wagering a good amounts on a sports book. the reason being is because you’re going to get free money to wager. The only thing is, you’re going to need to make sure that you’re using a bonus code that isn’t going to screw you over. Some of them have very technical terms. They also have something called rollover. Where it means you need to wager a certain amount in order to withdrawal.

Just make sure that you read the fine print and fully understand.


I think if you go with any of the websites listed above you’re going to be good. All of these sites perform at a high level and I firmly stand behind these recommendations.

If you have a question please be sure to ask and I will of course answer it.