Bet365 Casino Review

Here’s my Bet365 casino review. I’ll tell you if it’s legit and if it’s any good.  There’s a lot of things that I like and very few things that I dislike about BET365. I’ll outline these below.

Note: This review page is best used when you watch the video. If you don’t watch the video you might miss out on a couple of things that aren’t discussed on this page. Reason being is that I go into a lot more detail in the video than I do on this page.

What I Like About The Bet365 Casino

1 – All Games

2 – So many different types of games

3 – Live Dealers

4 – Awesome Bonuses

5 – Safe & Reputable

6 – Not Rigged

7 – Free and Almost Instant Withdrawals

What I Dislike

1 – Mobile app could be better

I’m kind of nitpicky when it comes to apps and I’m no different with this one. Sometimes the app messes up for me and it can be really annoying. Sometimes it will just randomly close. I think they could invest more into this feature.

2 – Restricted in Some Countries

People of USA, France, Portugal, and Romania are not able to use Bet365.

Do I Recommend It?


Use a Bonus Code!

One thing you’ll want to make sure that you do is use a bet365 bonus. If you’re using a bonus you’re gonna get some extra money to wager with. How much money completely depends upon how much you deposit or the terms of the offer.