This is my Bovada Poker review. I’ll let you know if it’s safe, if it’s legit, what I like, what I dislike, and give you the answer to all the questions you have. I will also let you know if I recommend it or not.

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It’s much easier to learn about Bovada Poker by just watching my video review. I go into a lot of details in this review in comparison to the text that is on this page.

What I Like About Their Poker

1 – Safest place to play for people in the U.S.

There’s not many places to play poker legally in the U.S. online. This is really the only one. Using other sites can result in having your account and funds locked up.

2 – Easy to Deposit

You’re able to deposit with your debit card, which makes things incredibly easy. The only thing is, that your bank might block international transactions. So if your card gets declined, all you need to do is call your bank and tell them that you’re trying to make an international purchase and got declined. They will be able to approve the transaction and you’ll be good to go.

If you don’t want to do that, you are able to deposit through Money Transfer through Western Union or Moneygram.

3 – Easy to Withdrawal + FAST

At this time you can get your money via bank transfer, check, or money transfer.

4 – Anonymous Poker

You play anonymously which is awesome because poker sharks can’t datamine you and take advantage.

5 – Not that many great players

There is a sportbooks and casino attached to it. Many players at the tables come to play because they already bet on sports book or play on the casino. They aren’t just there to play poker like you’d see on PokerStars or other big sites.

6 – App Gets the job done.

The app is pretty good. It gets the job done.

What I Dislike

1 – Fees

There’s a deposit fee and withdrawal fees. You get one free withdrawal a month. If you withdrawal more than that you will be charged depending upon what type of withdrawal you do.

2 – Some bonuses have more restrictions than expected

Do I Recommend It?

Yes for pretty much all the reasons I listed about why I like them.

The main reason I use them is because It’s the safest for people in the U.S. You’re not gonna get locked out of your account. You will actually be able to get your money out & FAST.

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