Here’s my official Bovada Review. I will take a look at the Casino, Poker, and Sportsbook portion of their website. This is more of a general review of the whole site.

My Video Review

Please watch my video review, it’s a lot better than just reading a bunch of text. It’s way more detailed and helpful!

What I Like About Bovada

1 – Easy to Deposit

I like that you’re able to deposit using a debit card. This is awesome because you can use the card that you use in everyday life. You’re not going to have to go get some special gift card or do some money order.

2 – Easy to Withdrawal

Is incredibly easy to withdraw your money. You can do it through the bank transfer or through money orders. It takes about three days until you receive your money. Sometimes it could be faster than that though.

3 – Safest option for USA based players

Living in United States I feel safest with these guys. This one seems like a legitimate business while other ones are kind of sketchy. It will freeze your money and sometimes not lying to withdraw. You’re never going to experience that type of crap at Bovada.

What I Dislike About Bovada

1 – Fees!

You’re going to face deposit and withdrawal fees. The deposit fees are bad at all. It is 5%. However the withdrawal fees are a little bit more crazy. There is a scale in terms of how much she withdraws how much you are going to pay in fees.

2 – No big boy bets

You won’t be able to deposit more than $1000 and he won’t be able to bet more than thousand dollars on the game. So if you are looking to play some big bass you’re probably going to need to look elsewhere.

Super Common Questions

How long does it take to deposit?

Deposit is simple and quick. If you’re using a debit card and the money is going to be instantly put into your Bovada account.

How long does withdrawal process take?

Withdrawing your money will take 2-3 days.

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