This bovada roulette review will help play you understand and play the games better. Is the roulette any good? Should you play there? All the answers will be found in the article below.

Bovada casino is one of the greatest in US. The casino offers plenty of bonuses that include a first deposit bonus. The casino was first established in 2011. They provide multiple games that include roulette. This is an honest and unbiased review of roulette games offered at Bovada.

Roulette games

Bovada casino offers four variants of online roulette. This gives liberty to choose your best game. You get to play for real money, with real money. The variants include;

  • Bovada European roulette
  • Bovada European roulette classic
  • Bovada American roulette
  • Bovada American roulette classic

It is very easy to play online roulette at Bovada casino. You will notice the wheel is small, even when using a large monitor. Once the ball stops, the final slot appears at the top right immediately. The grid is made clear and placed at an angle easily viewed so that you don’t miss anything.

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Good news for mobile players. Bovada allows easy mobile roulette play as in-browser games. The games will work perfectly on iPhone and Android phones.

Most land-based casinos will not offer a wide array of roulette games. Bovada gives the liberty to play either American or European roulette. This fulfills your gaming needs when you get various variants when playing roulette. You can never get too bored of playing the same type of roulette at Bovada.


The software used by Bovada Casino is known as RTG (real time gaming). It is the best software for online casinos. It is natural and does not malfunction. It provides the best playing experience perfect for any game you like. It gives you real game feeling.

This software is different from other casinos in US. It offers a unique experience, as it is fast and operates very smoothly. This is evident in the way the roulette wheel spins and seems natural. This makes the graphics high quality. At times online gaming seems unreal because of the graphics and wheel spins. Try out Bovada roulette for a true experience online.

App or live play

Bovada offers every gamble lover in US the chance to choose between two options. The first option is the live play. This is accessible directly through their web browser. You can have this option on your computer or your mobile device. The camera does not leave the wheel even for a moment. This makes it feel more like you are playing in an actual casino. The other option is to download the gaming app. This however, only works on windows running computers only.

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Deposit and withdrawal methods

Bovada offers transactions that are fast, secure and safe. This includes any deposits or withdrawals by any roulette player. It would be true to state that their options are very limited. But they ensure to pick out the most popular money transfer methods in the US. The good news is that you only incur fees associated with withdrawal. The processing fee is handled by Bovada. This sounds great and anyone interested to play roulette can start right away.

Roulette customer service

The customer service for roulette players is very friendly. They are also fast to respond to emails sent to them. When you have a burning issue, you can reach out to them through a phone call. You may try next time when you search for a live chat as it is currently unavailable. This can be really helpful when playing at night and a phone call may disturb other people.

Bovada would definitely be the right destination for any roulette player. Get the bonuses with the first deposit. This will better your playing by increasing your winning chances. After the first loss, ensure you claim for a bonus. Sign up for your account and get the new experience when playing roulette at the Bovada online casino.

That is the conclusion of our post, Bovada Roulette Review. Hope  you learned a lot. See ya!

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