Here’s my Bovada Sportsbook Review.

As of right now, it’s currently my #1 rated sportsbook online. There are some things I like about it a lot, however there are some things I also dislike about it.

I will be sure to let you guys in on every little thing in this article.

Video Review for Bovada Sportsbook

Here’s my video review. I strongly suggest just watching the video rather than reading the text on this page. You will learn a lot more through the video.

What I Like About It

1 – It’s the safest option for U.S Citizens

Bovada is legit. You’re able to bet from the U.S. and you don’t need to lie about it like you would on other websites.

2 – Easy to Deposit

You’re able to deposit with your debit card. If you’re not, you just need to call your bank so that you can allow international transaction on your debit card.

3 – Easy to Withdrawal

Withdrawing your winnings is super easy. All you need to do is submit a request. You can receive payment through bank wire or through money transfer. It takes usually about 3 days to be able to receive your money.

4 – Nice Online Setup

Super easy to navigate and get around the website. It loads really quick too. They also update their pages in real time so you don’t need to be refreshing to check your balance and stuff. It’s just a lot better than many of the other sites out there.

5 – In game betting and spreads

I love their new in game spreads. This is where the spread is constantly changing depending upon the flow of the game. This is for the bigger games and sports. For example the other day I put money on the Golden State Warriors

6 – The Fees

WUT?! I like fees?! Hell no! But Bovada has some of the lower fees in comparison to other online sportsbooks.

What I Dislike

1 – The spreads are usually 1-2 points different than other sites

This can obviously be advantageous, but it can also be annoying sometimes and result in you buying points. For example, if you see on the ESPN app that the Dolphins are +1. There’s a good chance when you login to Bovada that the spread will be +2 or +2.5.

2 – Sometimes There’s no Money Line or it comes out Super late

This happens from time to time especially with basketball games. For example, I want to bet the money line on the Rockets tonight, but I can’t yet. It’s less than 5 hours to the game!

3 – The Fees

Look, there are fees everywhere. They suck. Bovada has fees for when you deposit and withdrawal.

4 – No Big Boy Bets

You won’t be able to deposit more than $1,000 and you’re not able to bet more than $1,000 on one game. So if you’re trying to be betting more than this, you’ll probably want to use a bookie.

Should You Use Bovada?


I primarily use Bovada because it’s the safest for people in the U.S..

A lot of other websites will lock up your account and make it so you can’t withdrawal because you’re in the U.S. or because they are just a shady site in general.

With Bovada, you won’t ever have to worry about this because you’ll be able to withdrawal.

Get Free Money to Use on Bovada

If you’re going to get started on Bovada you’ll want to use some of the bonuses below. These are the best bonuses for the sportsbook for the current time being.

Bonus 1 =

Bonus 2 =

Click here to see full list of bovada bonuses.

If you are still thinking whether you should choose Bovada as your sports betting online platform, you should definitely read this Bovada Sportsbook Review. Bovada has impressed its users by maintaining its high-quality service in providing the best sports betting options. It has a wide coverage of numerous North-American games such as football, baseball, and hockey. There are other sports as well such as Soccer and Horse Racing, which have gained popularity in recent times. Overall, Bovada has been able to cover a lot of ground in terms of sports betting with an excellent user experience.

Here are some of the best features of the Bovada sportsbook that distinguishes it from its competitors:-

The Best Live Betting Experience

Live betting is a vital ingredient in any sports betting site. Bovada provides its users the best live betting stage, which is really worth trying out. It has a first-rate user interface that you can use to navigate easily through the site.  The common bet types that you can try consist of moneyline bets and totals. One of the best things about the Live Betting feature is its Quick bet option. In this, you can quickly place your selected bet with just one click. Overall, the site is easy to use and worthy of your time.

Exciting Sportsbook Promotions and Bonuses

When you sign for the Bovada sportsbook, you initially get a bonus worth $250. Furthermore, if you pay your deposit through BitCoin, you will even get a 50% match up bonus.  This can go up as high as $500. Having a startup amount ranging between $250-500 is not a bad way to start your betting career at all.

Easy Payment Methods

One of the most distinguishable qualities of Bovada sportsbook is its simple payment options. It is highly convenient for all players from the US to use such methods for both depositing and withdrawing. The sportsbook also has a separate FAQ department that can answer all the queries that relate to payouts.

Mobile Betting

The mobile betting feature is one of the special features of Bovada. Sports betting are now available on both Android and iPhone. The mobile interface is quite similar to the desktop interface, which means you will have the same user experience. The sportsbook in the mobile version has the same pool as the desktop version as well.

Best Bet Limits for Recreational Players

If you are an online recreational gambler, the odds and the bet limits of Bovada will suit you the best. The limit can go as low as one dollar, which is quite suitable for a beginner. You can raise the bet up to a hundred or a thousand dollars depending on your choice.

List of Sports You Can Bet On

When it comes to having a large pool of sports to choose from, Bovada is the best choice for you. The pool consists of soccer, football, UFC, cycling, baseball, hockey, boxing, snooker, etc.  Horseracing is also one of the most popular sport betting preferences that you can consider.  Bovada’s soccer list is one of the best you can find. The soccer coverage is quite impressive and large enough providing you numerous betting options.

Bovada’s sportsbook is a wonderful choice for live betting on sports especially if you are a beginner. You will find many sports listed in Bovada as compared to other sportsbooks. The betting platform is safe and trustworthy and an ideal preference for many professional gamblers.