Does 5Dimes Accept PayPal

Does 5Dimes Accept PayPal? What You Think?

Does 5Dimes Accept PayPal? As one of the oldest online sports books and digital casinos on the planet today (having been created in 1996), 5Dimes has a legendary reputation for being about as reputable, as trustworthy, and as dependable as any other online sports book/casino in existence right now.

Beloved for their simple and straightforward online wagering tools, as well as the ability to place wagers on pretty much any sporting event happening at any time around the world, you might not find a more robust online sports book or casino than this one.

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Because of stiff federal legislation passed in 2006 that forces major credit card and debit card companies to refuse gambling transactions. Moreover, US players have had to find workarounds to fund their gambling overseas.

Thankfully though, 5Dimes makes it easy to get your money into and out of your account – helping you place the kinds of wagers you are excited about and cash out your winnings with no headache or hassle, either.

Does 5Dimes accept PayPal as a payment solution?

5Dimes will accept PayPal as a means to deposit and withdraw money into and out of your account, though you’ll have to use the PayPal My Cash Card to pull it off.

Deposits are going to be made through a FedEx courier service with this PayPal My Cash Card solution, but withdrawals of any winnings are going to be immediately deposited into your PayPal account with no issue whatsoever.

As a general rule, however, you’re only going to be able to load your PayPal My Cash Card with a maximum of $500 each day. There’s no limits to the withdrawals you make on your winnings, but your deposits will be capped somewhat.

Other payment options are available at 5Dimes that you might want to consider taking advantage of.

Traditional credit card deposits are available, person-to-person deposits are available, cashier check and money order solutions can be leveraged, but the most popular way to get your money into and out of your 5Dimes account is with BitCoin.

BitCoin allows you to add as much money as you like to your account instantly. But also allows you to pull out any amount of your winnings directly into your BitCoin wallet with no headache or hassle, either. It doesn’t get much easier than that and makes this crypto currency a viable alternative to PayPal on 5Dimes.

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