does BetOnline.Ag payout

Does BetOnline.Ag Payout? Is it Real?

On this page you’ll find the answer to, does BetOnline.Ag payout? If you’ve been thinking about diving into all of the online gambling opportunities at BetOnline.Ag.

But want to make sure that you will be able to pull out your winnings when you hit it big – without any headache or hassle – you’ve come to the right place.

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What is

BetOnline.Ag has quickly established itself as one of the largest online sports books and casinos out there right now, particularly for US that is that are looking to get in on the action. Unfortunately, because of a handful of mistakes and missteps made by leadership at BetOnline.Ag, this online casino has a bit of a bad reputation behind it when it comes to payouts and transparency.

In the early stages of operations, BetOnline.Ag claimed that they were on the Hero Poker Network when they were actually on the Action Poker Network. This seems like a little white lie or a miscommunication at first, until you learn just how diametrically different these two poker platforms are – and have different bets and wagers would have been from players if they knew they were on a different platform.

The deck got shuffled a little bit when the old leadership was thrown out at BetOnline.Ag, and now they find themselves on the Chico Poker Network. They eventually came out and admitted the falsehood, hoping to win back a little bit of trust and show signs of transparency, but it’s taken BetOnline.Ag a while to build up a reputation as a reliable place to put down wagers.

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Betonline’s Reputation

There’s also been a couple of stories about big-time players getting frozen out of their accounts immediately after landing a jackpot or winning at the table games. One man claimed that $60,000 got locked down after he won a poker tournament, though he did follow up a few months later saying that his funds were eventually unfrozen and his winnings were released.

In the past two years or so, BetOnline.Ag has been pretty solid when it comes to payouts. There are definitely more reputable and more consistently reliable online casinos to take advantage of, but for the most part you won’t have much to worry about at BetOnline.Ag any longer.

This is an organization has been working pretty much double-overtime to rebuild their reputation. They offer a lot of user-friendly methods to pull out your winnings, including direct deposits to a debit card or credit card, and you can obviously use BitCoin to get your money as well.

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