DraftKings Review: What Are My Thoughts?

This is my DraftKings review guide. I will go into a lot of details on this page about what I like and dislike about DraftKings, as well as if I recommend it or not.

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What I Like About DraftKings

1 – It’s Safe

The website is saved to use and it’s not a scam or is it rig. DraftKings is legit as they come. If you decide to deposit money into there and you end up winning you don’t have to worry… You’re going to be able to withdraw your money without any worries.

2 – All Types of Daily Fantasy Games

DraftKings has the most amount of daily fantasy sports you can play. You’re able to play your typical sports such as football, NBA, and MLB. But in addition you’re able to do NHL, MMA, PGA, and more!

3 – Different Rules

There are different rules on this website then most other fantasy sites. In all of their sports you’re going to find that the salary is a little bit more. You also discover that in football the scoring is a little bit different. On Draft Kings they do points per reception. They also will have bonus points for if your player performs exceptionally well.

3 – Bigger wagers

This is really the main reason that I personally use them. You’re able to bet hundreds of dollars on a single head-to-head match. This is the site that allows you to put down the most amount of money on head to head games.

4 – Website Layout

I’m a big fan of their website layout. I think it’s pretty easy to get around and navigate the site.

5 – Best Welcome Bonuses

Draft Kings has the best promotional codes for new players. You undoubtedly want to use a draftkings promo code when you are first signing up. You’re going to get more money upon initially signing up that you will let any other daily fantasy sports site.

What I Dislike About DraftKings

1 – Restricted in some states

Some of the states it is illegal to use. I’m knocking a comment on this much more. If you’re interested in whether or not it is legal in your stages go to DraftKings and read whether it is or not.

2 – Sometimes overwhelming choosing games

At first the website can be incredibly overwhelming. When I first deposited money I was extremely overwhelmed and had to get off the site for a little bit. I just didn’t know which tournaments I should be joining which games I should be playing and all that jazz. However, over time this has improved a lot because I have become more familiar with everything.