Is Bovada poker legit or rigged

Is Bovada Poker Legit or Rigged? What do you Think?

Is Bovada poker legit or rigged? Bovada poker, the brand created for lovers of poker remains one of the biggest and most flooded sites for betting on poker. Despite claims of rigging taking place behind the scenes, alledgedly, thanks to the hacked system. There is need to work on facts rather than on assumptions and claims.

Game of luck.

As per a good number of users of the site, it could just be a case of dissilutionment by players who incurred losses in a game such as this where victory is only dependent on pure luck rather than skill.An important point to note is how some verifiable long time players who have been using the site for over 4 years have nothing but praise for the site. Not that it is an all round perfect site because every online betting site has its cons, but these cons are in no way related to unfairly siphoning cash out of players.

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Unverified claims.

Various people from a vast number of industries have come out to claim to have ‘evidence’ of a loophole in the Bovada poker system that could be as a result of employees hacking the system which provided an opportunity for the whole team to take advantage of the loophole in negative ways. These claims are however yet to be verified.
Licensing.The issue of the site being unregulated seems to have raised security concerns.

The facts are that according to an internal source, the site did operate under a license issued by Kahnawake gaming commission until 2 years ago when the commission disallowed it to operate in New Jersey hence termination of its license. It is however still a respected operator. With the amount of experience it has in the market, lack of regulation cannot be said to be a loophole for a firm like this.

A clean past and good reputation.

The site, having been around for years has never been involved in any major scandal.They have always paid their players right and on time. Again, being such a big and reputable site boasting of great success over the years, it beats logic for them to do anything that would compromise on the trust of their loyal players and worse ruin their reputation. Such a scenario would be more likely for a smaller, less known emerging firm that really has nothing much to lose.

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Positive blog reviews.

Upon visiting their pages and reading reviews from their players, it is evident that majority have praise for the site and fail to agree with the all the claims being made around. Furthermore, they are the ones who should be able to clearly tell of any malfunctions. Furthermore, we have players who have been around for years on the site and still continue to be active.

Player anonymity

A player at this site can enter any game and play with an anonymous identity, making it impossible for scammers to track and drain the loaded players. Players therefore feel safe to play and put in their cash.
Despite all the negative claims, there is no real evidence of Bovada Poker being rigged. It is a legit site which will continualy serve its players with utmost integrity.

That is the end of our answer post on, Is Bovada Poker Legit or Rigged? Hope you learned something.

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