where is bovada located

Where is Bovada Located? Is it Legit?

In this post article we will answer the question, where is bovada located? We will take a thorough look on the history and facts about this popular online casino.

Well let us be forward, Bovada is in Costa Rica but is legal to play for USA players. Therefore, players in the US can legally play on it except for some states in the US.

Is it Legal?

Yes, it is, but some states in the USA banned Bovada, there are six states.

In Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, these three states have a regulated online gaming markets, so Bovada does not operate on these three.

Next state, Washington has a very strict and tough online gaming laws so Bovada is not available on this state also.

In Maryland, Bovada does not operate for the reason that this state has the harshest anti online gambling law.

And finally, in New York State, they have their own iGaming solution and they want to regulate the market, so Bovada wisely opted out of New York.

All other states have no problem accessing and playing in Bovada except for these six states.

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Brief History

Contrary to the public information that Calvin Ayre was the owner of Bovada, he is not. Bovada is really owned by Morris Mohawk Gaming Group, a company which is located in Mohawk Territory of Kahnawake, Canada.

In 2006, the United States passed the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and have issued a big fine on Party Poker owners. Ayre was wise enough to pulled out from the US market and registered Bodog.com with MMGG. With this move Bodog.com was out of reach by the US legislation because it is in another country.

MMGG also has its own share of problems when they were sued for the use of the name Bodog by 1st Technology. This was eventually resolved and continue to use the domain Bodog.com.

It was after Black Friday when the United States DOJ charge a few online casinos such as Absolute Poker, Ultimate Bet, Full Tilt Poker and Pokerstars for money laundering and fraud. This is the time that MMGG lets its agreement expire for Bodog and eventually transferred its American customers to Bovada.

But basing on the events that happen there is still a good chance that Ayre still pulls some strings inside of Bovada. Afterall the guy is a brilliant businessman and he is good in covering his tracks.

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Great Things About Bovada

Bovada was the first poker to feature anonymous tables. This happens by hiding your identity under a screen name from your opponents. This is important to players that are just casually playing because what happens is that pro players target newbies or amateurs using Heads Up Display software. HUDs gives details about the players you are playing with.

This may bad news to amateur just there to play for fun. But with the anonymous table feature this can be avoided, and pros cannot target you if you are a newbie. Bovada is one of the best online poker especially for amateurs.

Bovada is using Bodog Software especially in its poker. It is the third largest worldwide. Before it was not even on the top 10, but in 2015 it skyrocketed into popularity and have 1.4k gamers per hour.

Bovada offers great promos and bonus codes. It has a very enticing welcome bonus in both its sports betting, poker, horse and casino platforms.

Payout options is varied, and you can choose what is convenient for you. For depositing they have also a wide range of options.


Bovada is one of the best online casinos because it has all in one stop. It has great betting options, quick payout and have a variety of awesome bonuses. Whether you choose to play poker, casino, sports or horse, you can be assured of your safety and fast payout.

That ends my article on where is bovada located. Thanks for reading.

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