Are Bovada Checks Legit & Cashable

Are Bovada Checks Legit & Cashable?

Are Bovada Checks Legit & Cashable? This is a question that is answered in detail below.

The quick answer though is yes…Bovada checks are legitimate and they are cashable.

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Broken Down Further…

For starters, the Bovada betting site receives over 3.4 million online visitors, which makes it one of the two busiest sites to be on. This is according to compilations by Compete and Alexa. This part answers the questions on how legit it is since, with such a large visitor number, it is likely that there would be a massive uproar if anything illegitimate was to happen.

Bovada has been operational for over a decade, during which time they have delivered more checkouts than any other gambling site in the United States. These checks take around 7 to 10 days for the payout to happen and because it has been serving all those clients for those many years, then it is unlikely that there is a chance of one being duped.

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Advantages of Betting on Bovada

If you are the kind that likes to bet and receive your money in the fastest time, then you should probably consider the Bovada site. Gamblers like to complain about how their money is not being delivered to them in good time and a whole lot of other issues but it has never been a bone of contention in the 15 years that Bovada has been operating.

If you don’t like betting on sites that load slowly, then using Bovada will alleviate any chances of that. It has one of the fastest operating sites in comparison with its visitor magnitude. In addition, they give new players some free games to get a feel of what they want to do next.

This site also has a section that offers customer service to all, so even if you don’t want to play at that moment, there is the opportunity for you to interact with the service providers and get all your questions answered.

How Legitimate is the Bovada Payment System?

There are various payment methods accepted by Bovada;

• Bitcoin- with this method, cashouts are faster since there is no charge fee for its deposits.

• VISA credit and debit cards

• Mastercard credit and debit cards

• VISA gift cards

• Rapid Transfer- it operates in the same way that Western Union does.

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After you have made your bet and seen your winnings calculated on the site, it is time to initiate a withdrawal. This can be done in three ways each bearing their own pros and cons:

1. Bitcoin payouts are free, but only if you have made a deposit using this method.

2. If your deposit was via VISA and Mastercard debit and credit cards, then expect your payment to reach you by a courier via a check.

3. Those that use the Rapid Transfer method also get their money paid through a check by a courier. This is a faster albeit more expensive method.

Bovada site offers both casino games and poker in order to satisfy their customers. They also offer live betting for the 24 betting markets on the Bovada sportsbook. This helps you see how your money is racking up and with the type of deposit method you choose, the payments are expected without delay according to the different rules followed.

That is it for our post on the question, “Are Bovada Checks Legit & Cashable?”. Hope you like my post.

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