What Visa Gift Cards Work on Bovada

What Visa Gift Cards Work on Bovada?

So you’re curious as to what vista gift card work on Bovada? Well..We got you covered in this article!

Quick answer: You can’t use a visa gift card on Bovada. Like 7 years ago, you used to be able to. But now you can’t. Why? Because it’s an international transaction and Bovada is located overseas.

Best Way to Deposit on Bovada

The easiest way to deposit on Bovada is to just use your debit or credit card. They accept Visa and Mastercard. If your card is getting declined it’s because of your bank. All you need to do is give them a ring &  tell them you’re doing an international transaction. After that, you’ll be good to go.

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Gift Cards and Gambling

But before we go further, allow me to clarify exactly what a gift card is and its relevance to the gambling business. A gift card is basically money stored in a card that is used as an alternative to paying in cash what you intend to purchase.

Gamblers use these gift cards or are awarded them after their winnings as an alternative to a cash payout. They work with the principle of debit cards, meaning that once a visitor goes online they are able to transfer funds and choose the game it is they wish to get involved in.

On Bovada, since it is located offshore, the gift cards used must also be capable of making international purchases. This site serves only the United States and Canada, therefore, the currency used on this is the dollar.

The Visa Gift Cards used on Bovada are easily recognizable since they bear the inscriptions only to be used in the US’. This means that not only are they legitimate in their issuing but should also be used within the parameters of the United States soil.

It is imperative to note that not all cards are accepted so check before using it to make any purchases. Additionally, players are advised to load their cards with enough money and to pay attention to the charges that are incurred.


Bovada methods of deposits are the key player in how the payouts will happen. Furthermore, in the case of using the gift cards there are three major cards that have been used by players without hitting a snag:

– Netspend card

– Vanilla Visa

– MasterCard Gift Card

The MasterCard Gift Card is the most useful of them all as it is eligible for international purchases. Moreover, these cards give the player full access to the games on Bovada.

The NetSpend card has been used for years by online users and not a single complaint has been filed about it. It is compatible with the Bovada site. It has a faster chance of a payout in comparison with the Rapid Transfer system.

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Advantages of using Gift Cards on Bovada

– They are fast to use even for beginners.

– Gift cards are easily transferable from player to player.

– They save on having to use the excess money since the cash loaded is monitored by the player during the game.

– Other users have the chance to see how good of a player one is by checking the statistics.

– There is not a risk of losing money as the player is the one controlling expenditure.

Bovada gaming site is one of the largest online betting platforms and this means that it has a large number of visitors. Using Visa gift cards is advantageous as the funds can be transferred back to the player’s bank account and then used overseas.

That is if for our post on the question. “What Visa Gift Cards Work on Bovada?”. Hope you like our post. See ya!

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