What Visa Gift Cards Work on Bovada?

Bovada sets itself apart as one of the best online casino and sportsbook by offering their players a ton of different options for depositing money onto into their accounts. One option that is unique to Bovada is that they accept prepaid gift cards. There’s a number of benefits to using a prepaid gift card for depositing on Bovada, but which ones do they accept? In this article we’ll talk about visa gift cards, if they work on Bovada, and why they may or may not be a great option for you.

Quick answer: You are able to use some Visa gift cards on Bovada, depending on the card. There are restrictions on some Visa gift cards for international transactions which can make them challenging to use, but they definitely can work.

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Visa Gift Cards on Bovada

As mentioned above, you are able to use gift cards to deposit money onto your Bovada account. This is fairly unique to Bovada, as most online casinos do not accept any type of gift card, with some other sites not even accepting a real debit or credit card.

If you are hoping to use a Visa gift card on Bovada, you’ll want to do your research ahead of time to ensure that you buy the correct one. On the back of the packaging that the gift card comes in, you’ll want to look and find a card that clearly says it allows for international purchases. You will find that whether the gift card is eligible for foreign purchases is variable, and can also be slightly difficult to find out. If you are in doubt, a quick call to the support number on the back of the card will get you your answer. It’s important to know that exceptions can often be made for traditional debit and credit cards, the prepaid cards don’t have much leeway.

Fair warning, however, that finding a gift card that allows for international purchases is increasingly difficult to find, so you may have a really tough time. If you are able to find a gift card that you can use, the deposit fee will be 5.9% after the first transaction.

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Best Way To Deposit on Bovada

There are two other main options for you to deposit on Bovada, a traditional debit/credit card or bitcoin.

If you are going to use a traditional debit/credit card, you are given the first deposit totally fee free! After the first deposit, however, you’ll have to pay a 5.9% processing fee. For debit and credit card deposits, there is a minimum of 20 dollars and a maximum of 500 dollars, and are processed and added to your account quickly.

The second, and in our opinion better method is to deposit using Bitcoin. Now, before you think to yourself that you don’t know enough about Bitcoin, you should know that it’s not as intimidating as you might think. Don’t get scared! Bovada has a bitcoin deposit tutorialĀ and you can be all setup in less than 10 minutes. The benefits of using Bitcoin for your Bovada deposits is that Bovada will never charge you a fee, regardless of how many deposits you make (the same applies to withdrawals using Bitcoin.) There’s also the added benefit that Bitcoin minimums are as low as $10 dollars and the max is higher, at $5000 per transaction. Bitcoin transactions are faster than the other methods for depositing and withdrawing money on Bovada, just be sure to send your deposits as an express deposit! (otherwise it may take 30-45 minutes)

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Visa gift cards, while they are accepted on Bovada, are becoming increasingly difficult to use and are much more likely to get rejected than any of the other payment methods for something you have no control over. For that reason, we recommend that you use one of the other methods for depositing money onto Bovada, most notably bitcoin.

Hope this was helpful! Have fun and good luck!