What Prepaid Cards Work on Bovada?

When it comes to playing on Bovada, or any online casino, one of the most important things to consider is the options that are provided for depositing money into your account. Players have a number of different preferences when it comes to how they prefer to deposit, but one of the most popular options that people look for is using prepaid cards. This provides a convenient option for those who do not feel comfortable using the alternative methods of a traditional debit / credit card or bitcoin.

On Bovada, you are able to use prepaid gift cards. This sets Bovada apart and is one of the many reasons it is considered among the best online casinos for US players. As far as which prepaid cards are available to be used, the only restrictions are that they be a Visa or Mastercard that has the capability to make international purchases. It is important to realize that not all Visa and MasterCard prepaids have that capability.

So, if you are planning to use the prepaid card method to deposit money onto your Bovada account, it’s important to check before purchasing to make sure that the card is eligible for international purchases. You can do this easily buy looking at the smaller print on the back of the physical prepaid card or the packaging that it comes in. If you are unable to find the information, prepaid cards have a customer service number on the back that you can call to get clarification.

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Best Bovada Deposit Options

Curious what some of the other deposit methods are on Bovada? Here’s a few…

– Western Union for Transfers

One popular method for depositing money onto Bovada is using Western Union transfers. These transfers are convenient in that the money can be sent from any one of the thousands of Western Union locations across the United States. One downside of using this method for your transactions, however,  is that Bovada charges a fairly significant transaction fee of 6-15% percent depending on the specifics of your deposit.


– MoneyGram for Transfers

If you are considering using electronic fund transfer sources, MoneyGram may be a better option for you than Western Union. Their transaction fee ranges between 5-10% as compared to 6-15% of Western Union. The benefit of this deposit method, just like Western Union, is that MoneyGram has many locations throughout the US that should be very accessible for most players.

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– Visa or MasterCard

Using a credit or debit card (Visa or MasterCard) is likely the most convenient option for players on Bovada looking to deposit money into their account. Most cards will work fine, though some might initially be rejected by the bank. If this does happen, there’s no need to worry.  Some banks will prevent the charge to an international business from going through if they don’t have the approval of the card holder. In the event this does happen, you can simply call your bank and let them know that you are expecting the charge and wish for them to process it. One drawback to using your debit or credit card is that there is a small fee of 5.9% for deposits, with the exception of the first one being free of charge.

– Bitcoin

Bitcoin is probably the easiest and the fastest way to make your payments. Bitcoin is definitely the preferred method for deposits from Bovada’s perspective, and they offer great incentives to use this technology. First, Bovada is able to process your deposits in only 10-15 minutes, meaning your funds are accessible to you fast. One thing to note is that you should send the funds priority from your wallet to Bovada to get the 10-15 minute transaction time. A normal transfer without priority can take 30-45 minutes. Additionally, you are never subjected to any fees when you use Bitcoin for your deposits. There is a a minimum deposit of $10 and a maximum deposit of $5,000  for players using Bitcoin.

Choosing the Right Deposit Method

With a few different options for depositing money onto your Bovada account, you may be stuck wondering which method is best for you. The honest answer is that it depends on what makes you the most comfortable. For those who are looking for the cheapest, fastest way to get money onto their accounts, Bitcoin is no doubt the way to go. If the thought of Bitcoin still makes you nervous, however, then the next best option is likely using your credit or debit card. You’ll just have to keep in mind that the deposit times will be a bit longer and there is the 5.9% fee for all deposits after your first one. If providing your debit or credit card also doesn’t sit well, you should consider using the prepaid gift cards so that you can be confident that Bovada doesn’t have access to your actual account. That being said, Bovada is a reputable online casino with a track record of being dedicated to customer service and for being a safe website to trust with your money.

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In recent times, Bovada has gained a lot of ground in the race to become the best online gambling platform in the US. It has introduced some of the best promotions and offers a huge variety of gaming options for its players.

Bovada really excels in the sense that it provides a number of options when it comes to depositing money onto their site. These methods all have their benefits and drawbacks, it’s up to you to consider them and decide which method is best for you.

We hope this article helps clear up the different options that you have when it comes to depositing money on Bovada.

Good luck and have fun!