Does Bovada Accept PayPal?

Bovada & Paypal

You might be wondering,  “does Bovada accept PayPal?” After all, Bovada is one of the largest and most popular online casinos and Paypal is one of the largest and most trusted online payment platforms. It makes sense that many people are looking to use their favorite payment platform with their favorite online casino!

The truth is that when it comes to Paypal and Bovada, there is some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that there is no “official” way for you to use Paypal for either depositing or withdrawing money on Bovada. That being said, there is a work around that allows players to still use Paypal to get money on and off of their Bovada accounts. The best news is that Bovada is totally supportive of this work around and even helps their players make it happen.

In this article we will get into all the details of how you can use Paypal on Bovada, as well as briefly cover the best alternative available to you.

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Bovada Vouchers & Paypal

As we mentioned earlier, there is currently no “official” way to use your Paypal account to deposit or withdraw money with Bovada. There has been rumors in the past that this feature would be added, but unfortunately those rumors have never panned out. Although there hasn’t been an official method added, Bovada has indirectly allowed for Paypal to be used through the development of their Bovada Voucher program.

Bovada vouchers are a feature that Bovada has added that allows a player to convert the money in their Bovada account into a transferable “voucher” that can be traded to other players through the use of a unique voucher code. These vouchers are worth an equal amount of money to whoever they are traded to, and can be redeemed at any time. But you may be wondering, what does this have to do with Paypal?

Great question. Bovada not only created the Bovada vouchers, but also allows for players to trade them with each other on a peer-to-peer marketplace right on Bovada’s community forums. On the marketplace, you will find a number of players who are looking to either buy or sell vouchers using alternative forms of payment. One of the most common payment methods that is used here is Paypal!

One of the added benefits of using Paypal is that you can feel confident doing the transaction, as Paypal has excellent user protections built right into the Paypal platform. In addition to Paypal, players buy Bovada vouchers using cash app, venmo, and zelle.

The only downside with the voucher system is that in order to use it, you must interact with another player instead of with Bovada only. The overall feedback on the voucher system has been great, players really seem to like it, but if it makes you uneasy, the next best option for making deposits or withdrawals is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin On Bovada

If you are looking for the best way to deposit and withdraw on Bovada without involving anyone other than Bovada itself, the best option for you without a doubt is bitcoin. With Bitcoin, you are able to send your money to and from your account in minutes, and there is never a fee for either deposits or withdrawals. It’s pretty clear that Bovada prefers bitcoin as well, as they offer the best bonuses for bitcoin deposits and make the transactions free and fast.

Some players also feel uneasy about Bitcoin as it’s a new currency, but when you look into it a bit you will see that it’s not all that different from using something like Paypal. You can easily create an account on Coinbase, buy bitcoin just like you’d transfer money to your Paypal, and send that Bitcoin wherever you’d like. The only thing to consider that may be different from Paypal is that Bitcoin can fluctuate in value, so it’s important not to hang onto it if you don’t plan on transferring it to your Bovada right away. It will also be intersting to see if Paypal becomes a viable option to work directly with Bovada in the future through their development of Bitcoin as an option for currency on Paypal itself. We will keep you posted here at this article if anything develops along those lines.

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MoneyGram, Western Union, & Bovada

Another popular alternative for depositing and withdrawing money with Bovada is to use a service like MoneyGram or Western Union.

MoneyGram is a popular choice for players because of the huge number of locations that you are able to access MoneyGram in the United States. MoneyGram tends to be available in a wide range of pharmacies, grocery stores, convenience stores, and even has standalone locations. You are able to transfer funds with MoneyGram fairly quickly, in about 24 hours, and there is a 100 dollar minimum and 800 dollar max. Unfortunately, there can be bigger fees using MoneyGram, ranging from 6-15%.

Western Union is very similar to MoneyGram in that there are many locations all across the US, making it a convenient option for many players. The minimum and maximum is also the same with Western Union at 100 minimum and a maximum of 800. It is worth noting that the fees for Western Union are a bit more affordable, ranging from 5-10%.

Hopefully this article provided some clarity as to how you can use Paypal to deposit and withdraw on Bovada, while also providing some alternatives.

Now go have fun, and good luck!

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